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Sunday, April 10, 2011

War Eagle!

I don't know about you....but @ The Pitts house we are ready for football season!!!

As the fever runs through me... Just  imagine sitting in Jordan Hare with 87,451 of your closest friends shaking your orange and blue shakers... awaiting for your tigers to link arms and run out onto the field for the most exciting 60 minutes of your week... and you look out over the top of the stadium as the sun begins to set, and in the distance is the most beautiful sight... an ORANGE AND BLUE SUNSET.

I took this picture at the 2006 Auburn / Florida Game!

So as I begin to prepare for football season... I had to find a cute game day outfit :)

*My birthday is coming up ...so maybe I will be surprised. HAHA

LOVE THIS SHIRT (Victoria's Secret)

With these cute SHORTS (Anthropologie)

(Tory Burch)

Although I know this might not be the most suitable outfit for the FLORIDA game ... It will be cute for an earlier season game :)

J. Jay and I are hopping that we can at least make it to the Auburn / Florida game this year. As most of you may know during 2008 I had an amazing opportunity to travel all over the US to promote healthy nutrition for the Alabama Watermelon Association. This experience truly changed my life and I gained some very special friends along my journey. Especially my coordinator Cindy and her husband Harry which are two of the BIGGEST Gator fans I know! We have been waiting for this game since 2008... an opportunity for the 4 of us to tailgate together and enjoy some football :) We hope that all works out as it plans... FYI : if anyone has season tickets and is not planning to attend the FL game please let me know because we are looking for 2 tickets!! 

Sunday FUN Day!!!

We had a busy and exciting day :)

We enjoyed a wonderful message at The Church On The Eastern Shore.... A game of TENNIS :) (something that the hubby and I enjoy together. We both played tennis in high school so we enjoy playing around every know and then)  If you were wondering who won... OF COURSE J JAY :)

After a game of tennis we made a stop by one of our favorite places to visit in Baldwin County. 

*Check out some pictures (they are not that great because I took them with my cell phone)

Scary little things!!! (usually there are some HUGE gators)

After our walk through Gator Alley we went to PIER ONE (one of my favorites) and purchased some BAR STOOLS for the bar in the kitchen :)  * Thanks to my wonderful parents!!!! An Easter gift and house warming gift ...we are so blessed to have them!!!

We decided on some different stools than the two that I originally posted a few days back... we just decided that these would be more versatile and also could be painted (in the future) unlike the whicker

Shabby Chic look... it's hard to tell from this photo 
(Pier One)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!! 

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  1. WAR EAGLE! I love those orange Tory Burch wedges! Sounds like the two of ya'll had a fun and eventful Sunday!