When pondering on what to name my blog.... I thought & thought.... and the color yellow came to me!! A dear friend that has gone to be with the Lord (the color yellow that reminds US of her beautiful and bright smile) gave me the inspiration for the theme . In memory of a wonderful friend.
Brittany Shepard Pugh

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE: 2nd Blog of the Day

I know I have already blogged today but I couldn't wait for this....

Remember me introducing you to my cousin Niki @  Pish Posh & Polka Dots  she has decided to help with the funds that are set up in honor of Brittany and Shep!! 100% of the proceeds go to one of the three foundations set up in their memory. 
My cousin did have the opportunity to know Brittany throughout the years...but I must say only vaguely! Brittany always touched people with her giving and free spirit and loving and warming smile :) She touched my cousin in just the short times she spent with her and she is continuing to make a difference in peoples lives to this day!! 

Check out this story that my cousin sent me about her inspiration to contribute to the foundations in memory of Brittany and Shep ...

I'm hoping I can raise the family some money and pass the memory on of Brittany! She was such a beautiful soul! I met a lady in Michaels yesterday and she just happened to ask me a question about a ribbon, I answered and then she asked what i was making with my yellow and white ribbon. I told her about Brittany and what happened and what a beautiful person she was and that I wanted to do something for her family and to help keep her memory alive thru everyone. This lady began to cry, I asked what was wrong and she said she didn't know why she started crying, but something touched her heart and she wanted to passon her condolenses to the family and that she loved what I was doing. She told me that God puts people in each others paths for a reason, and that she was put there for a reason at that time to talk to me....well guess what....she bought a bow! I haven't even posted them, she gave me her info on where to ship it and paid me the $10, and told me to tell the family that thier baby was in heaven doing good things for people and she will Never be forgotten!........All I can say is Wow! I knew at that moment that I needed to go thru with this! I am going to make the bows, headbands with daisies and a tutu all the proceedes will go to one of 3 charities set up in her name, Her church for a Playground, Her School for Books, or Her School for a Playground. I'm going to let me customers pick which one they want their money to go to. I know I didn't know Brittany as well as you or most people, However, I remember Brittany growing up and I know who she was as a woman, and I feel that I can do a little something to help....it may not be much, but I have to try!  NIKI

All of us that had the opportunity to meet Brittany are so blessed, but because of our great Lord he is allowing everyone to continue to meet Brittany and get to know her loving and caring spirit!! We are so lucky to have had such a wonderful friend and I am so blessed to have family that cares about me and my friends to help make a difference in their memory!!! 
Thanks Niki... this means the world to me and I know that Brittany and Shep's family is so appreciative as well as all the friends!!

***Right now she has little girl hair-bows & as of now she is working on Tu-Tu's and headbands and more  :)*** 

Go check it out on her ETSY website and her BLOG!!



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  1. Thank You Sam! I am going to continue to keep her "JOY" alive! She, although now with our Lord, will continue to live thru our actions towards others and our faith in God!She and sweet baby Shep will never be forgotten!