When pondering on what to name my blog.... I thought & thought.... and the color yellow came to me!! A dear friend that has gone to be with the Lord (the color yellow that reminds US of her beautiful and bright smile) gave me the inspiration for the theme . In memory of a wonderful friend.
Brittany Shepard Pugh

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" 


"Something Old"    symbolizes continuity with the bride's family and past
"Something New"  means optimism and hope for the bride's new life ahead
"Something Borrowed" usually an item from a happily married family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to pass over to the new bride
"Something Blue"    brides wear blue to symbolize love, modesty, fidelity as well as purity

"Something Old"
I carried my Mother's first wedding band that my Dad gave her attached to my garter

You're going to have to look hard for this one! (under the feathers of the garter a gold band)

A couple of days before the wedding I still didn't have anything "OLD" and my Mom and Dad presented me with my Mom's very first wedding band that my Dad gave my mom on their wedding day. This was very special to me :)

Meet MOM ( SARA)

Already introduced Dad (Curt)
Can you tell I am a DADDY'S girl ???

"Something New" & "Something Borrowed"
(Same Photo)
I wore a pearl and diamond ring for "Something New." A gift from Senator Harri Anne Smith.
For "Something Borrowed" I wore my Mother-in-laws pearl bracelet.
(in the photo I am holding Harri Anne's hand)

I am not sure if you know this, but Harri Anne is my cousin by marriage of her husband Charlie. She gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to work with her for a year! She is an amazing woman and has taught me so many wonderful things in life.  She is a woman of God and through all that she has been through still manages to stand strong and be an amazing woman. When she gave me this ring I could not believe it and could not stop staring at it's beauty!! I am truly blessed to have her and Charlie in my life!

Another great photo of "Something New" & "Something Borrowed" 

It was an honor for J. Jay's mother (Miriam) to allow me to "borrow" her pearl bracelet!! As I mentioned before the "Something Borrowed" item should be from a family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to pass over to the new bride. WOW! What better person to borrow this from? I am so blessed to have J. Jay's loving family and they are such a wonderful example for love and guidance in marriage!!! 

My favorite picture with my mother-in-law. Giving her hug with her "baby" J. Jay in the back ground!

"Something Blue"
The soles of my shoes were my "Something Blue" with the words "I DO" spelled out in rhinestones

I pondered for a while what to wear as something blue... one day I came across these shoes and I knew right away these shoes were ME :)  they were so comfortable and stylish!! 

For all you "TO BE BRIDES" if your interested in these shoes...check them out!!! They have tons and they are so chic :)
( Pour La Victoire Bridal )

The Stars of the SHOW :)

My two flower girls and ring bearer were THE BEST to say the least!! 

Flower Girls:  Sofia Langford (Cousin of the Bride)
Skylar Baird (Cousin of the Bride)

The flower girls wore sheer tutus of sage green and black with a peacock feather clip on the tutu as well as a peacock feather headband! ALL designed by my cousin NIKI (Bella Tu Designs) and they carried kissing balls covered with green buttons with handles of black and white damask ribbon. 
When deciding on the flower girls outfits I knew I wanted to do something different and something that they would like to wear and enjoy later. So I contacted my cousin and told her what I wanted and she got it to me in a week!! 

Ring Bearer:  John-Braxton Rhodes  (Cousin of the Groom)

The ring bearer wore a black tux with a matching tie to the groomsmen and carried a moss covered gift box tied with satin plaid ribbon.

When deciding who we would use for the flower girls and ring bearers J.Jay and I knew without a shadow of doubt we would ask these 3. They entertained everyone all day and especially at the RECEPTION!!! The photos will prove their talents :) John-Braxton and Skylar impressed everyone with their dance moves... we all swore that they took lesson ... NO WAY!!! It just came natural!

This was at my Bridesmaid luncheon ( Skylar on the left and Sofia on the right) They had matching outfits and for their baby dolls

John Braxton

These two (Skylar & John Braxton) owned the dance floor...they were not nervous at all and didn't care if anyone was watching! They dance the entire time :)  I think we should get them on dancing with the STARS!!!

I hope that these pictures bring a smile to you today!!! These are some of the most favorite things from our wedding weekend! We are so blessed!  

I ask that each of you keep me in your prayers this week... I see God working in my life. I will continue to keep you updated as I have more information! But, I know that prayer works because God is beginning to open doors for me to live my dream to make a difference in the lives of others!!! I will see soon if it is in God's plan for me and I will keep you updated!!!

Have a great day!!! 
Only 3 more days until the weekend (we are spending it with my cousin Jeremy, his wife Nicole, and their kids Sofia and Davis!!! The boys are playing golf and the girls are shopping and relaxing :)


  1. Awww I want to go shopping!!!! LOL! Hopefully this summer Preston will be able to take off and we can come visit...otherwise I might just come down by myself! I love the pics Samantha! Your wedding was Beautiful and a true fairy tale! Aunt Sara said it best...True Southern Elegance!

  2. Thank to all of everyones help... it was a dream come true!!! COME DOWN THIS WEEKEND :) Jeremy and Nicole will be in Orange Beach for a convention and they are coming over at Lunch on Saturday!!! You are welcome anytime!!!! Esp. right now while i am not working

  3. I loooove reading your blog girlie!!! You inspired me to start mine!!! Your wedding pics are GREAT :) I love love love your something blue!!! What a great idea :) ....I just painted my toes blue!!!

  4. It was an honor to have you ask to wear my bracelet...I wore it last Saturday to the baby shower and thought of you when I wore it!! Love u bunches! Can't wait to see you all next weekend. Tell Nicole I said hello and love the her new haircut.