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Brittany Shepard Pugh

Monday, September 19, 2011

I might have forgotten how to do this :)

Wow!!!  I believe that I might have forgotten how to do this.... must I say that it has been 2 months since my last post.

We have been so busy!!! I do believe that things are starting to slow down and we are getting use to our schedule :)

I thought that I would re-join the blog world by sharing with you our week long vacation to Seaside, FL!!! This is a tradition that the Pitts Family has been doing for years, and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of this wonderful family time at the beach.

Seaside, FL is such a beautifully unique community located along 30A that we all just love. Most of you may know Seaside from the movie that was filmed their; The Truman Show.  My memories of Seaside go way back... growing up I had a great friend Sarah, that would invite me along to spend time with her family at their cute home in Seaside during summer vacations. ( we always participated in the 4th of July parade decorating their golf cart... so much fun!!!! )

(thanks to my mom for edited this photo... I had so much salt water on my lens)

ALL OF US!!! Yes I love my BIG family... esp. after growing up the only child, I couldn't be more happy or blessed to have so many brothers and sisters. Although, this year we were blessed with two NEW ADDITIONS: Parker & Lucas  
Gladly I can no longer say that when we are all together there are 10 of us... there are now 12 of us!!! 
(our family is growing)

We enjoyed laying out on the beach... the water was so beautiful and calm Saturday-Thursday, and then we had a visitor; Tropical Storm Lee!!

How beautiful is the Emerald Coast?? 

I have never been one to get out in the Gulf, I just enjoy relaxing with a good book listening to the waves... but, I could not pass up this amazingly calm water!!! My sister-in-law Stacy and myself laid out on a float just like we were in a pool.... it was amazing!!! 

Tropical Storm Lee is on his way!!! 

We always treat ourselves to wonderful meals while we are vacation. So I thought that I would tell you all of our favorite places to eat while we at the beach!!!  You must try these!!!!

George's:  located in Aly's beach (new... and you must try the lobster pizza)

The Great Southern Cafe : located in Seaside (yummy beignets & gouda grits for breakfast & oysters for dinner)

The Red Bar: Located in Grayton Beach (everything on the menu you cannot go wrong)

Louis Louis: Located in Santa Rosa Beach (the brother/sister restaurant to The Red Bar... CRAB CAKES!!!!)

The Broken Egg: Located in Grayton Beach ( you must try their famous french toast)

The Taco Bar: Located in Seaside ( the shrimp taco is a MUST)

The Melt Down on 30A: Located in Seaside ( OOOO.... the brown bag ham and smoked gouda is to die for)

Goatfeathers: market in Seagrove ( the have the best steamed shrimp and butter garlic sauce for night at home with the family!)

The Seagrove Market: located in Seagrove ( everything is good)

Bayou Bills: located in Santa Rosa Beach ( oysters & crab legs) 

So as you can tell we all love to eat and have a good time! I hope that if any of you find the time to visit Seaside then you can enjoy dinner at one our favorite locations. 

Another thing that we all enjoy... is what Seaside is known for, the "bike community." We always rent bikes for the week and enjoy ridding all through Seaside, Seagrove & Watercolor.... it's so relaxing and a different experience to travel by bike for your vacation get away!!!  J. Jay and I always enjoy getting up early in the morning for a bike ride... it is so relaxing and cool in the mornings!!! 

The beautiful view from our room at the house early one morning before going to ride bikes :)

I will leave you with this now....  more to come on a wonderful vacation to Seaside, FL!!! There are to many good shows on TV tonight :) Hopefully you will want to take a Seaside vacation soon!!! 

Until tomorrow..... 


  1. We are wanting to go there during spring break. I've already picked out a house. I'm already dreaming of going there. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions. I will definitely be taking note of them.

    And...I have no idea what's going on with the comments section on blogs for me, but for some reason I cannot comment using my profile with anyone's blog. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  2. An awesome family picture, I will want one of these on canvas! I wish I could show it to the wonderful lady that took it for us...we are all so happy and full of that good Red Bar food:) Love, Miriam

  3. Brenna! You will love it... do you know the name of the House that y'all are looking at?