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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just What Does The Hubby Do?

Ever since moving to Baldwin County and meeting so many wonderful new people there are always the same few questions that everyone will ask me. . . . .

Where does your husband work?  I reply, "Monsanto"

I would say 1 out of 10 people MAY know what that is. So you can only imagine what the next question is. . . .  What is that?    Which leads to a ton of other questions!

Sometimes I should probably say, well your guess is as good as mine :)  . . . because I am so blessed to have a husband that enjoys spending time with me I am slowly learning some answers to these questions.

I know that you are all just dying to know what J. Jay's career is (esp. you ladies, hahaha) so I thought what better way to show you!! A couple of weeks ago I went to work with Jay on Saturday (no he usually does not work on Saturday's but this was an exception) and learned all about COTTON.  I find this all very interesting coming from an agriculture community and being involved with agriculture throughout the US working with the Watermelon Association, so hopefully I will not bore you with this post :)

Basically the low down:

*J. Jay works for a company called Monsanto  (they invented ROUND UP)
*He does research on Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, weeds and others
*Also plays a role within the community to teach children the importance of safety and all about the farm
 . . . .  . . . . . .  and I am sure many other things that I don't know how to explain :)

What we all don't realize is how much we actually depend on farmers for EVERYTHING in life. Monsanto is all about sustainability in agriculture to improve our lives. They work along side the farmers to develop and provide new technology, research, seed and protection chemicals to those who SO OFTEN GET OVER LOOKED FOR ALL THEY DO AND PROVIDE FOR THE WORLD: A FARMER!!! Not only do I say this because my husband is so passionate about agriculture, but I know first hand what agriculture means to our great nation and it is something that everyone should pay more attention to and respect in such a great way for what it provides to us!!


So everyone knows that if you work on a farm it's a must that you have a barn cat to keep out the rats!! I just love Smokey:) J. Jay found him 3 years go in his Soybean trail when he was just a baby. 

As I told you we went to work to plant COTTON!!  
DeltaPine is the kind of Cotton seed that J.Jay planted. He plants the cotton and then spends all his time   doing extensive research about the growth and the soil conditions of this cotton. (I am not the best at explaining this but that's the best I can do) 
The thing that I find most interesting is that J.Jay works for a company but yet and still gets to "be a farmer" what he loves:)

Pouring the seed into the planter!! (working hard) hahahaha :)

So at this point he has already planted a row... but he is checking to make sure that it is just how he wants it. ( i know the guys that are reading this that actually know exactly what I am talking about are LAUGHING ) 

GUESS WHO is learning how to drive a tractor :) haha 
I love this tractor because it's big enough that I can ride with Jay while he is planting!! 

Working hard or hardly working?  

Not sure what he is doing... but I do know those are soybeans. ( I believe there are insects in here and he is feeding them sugar water. . .  they are doing research on how insects effect the crops) 

J.Jay's corn trial :)

I hope that I did not bore you with this post. I find J.Jay's job to be very interesting and I know that I did not do it any justice because it entails so much more intense work. Maybe now you can have a glance at what he does for a living:)

If anything I hope that everyone realizes how important agriculture is to our lives!!! THANK A FARMER :)


  1. Working at Monsanto alongside a lot of folks like J. Jay, I think you did a great job -- those descriptions get people far enough, they can always ask J. Jay questions later! Keep up the good blog work and if you want to check my blog out, you may learn a bit more about cotton. :-)

  2. Thanks JP:) I am so glad that I did it a little bit justice!!! Working with and growing to love Agriculture. . . I thought what better than to brag about the great things my husbands does through Monsanto!!!