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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ladies Only!!! Eye Make Up Guide

I have had several people ask me lately how I do my eye make-up and what products  I use?
I figured this would be a good post for all you ladies that would like an idea of  how to get that "smoky eyes" look!

First I will show you all the products and then I will try to explain how I achieve this look. I will be honest in saying that it does take practice, because still to this day I cannot make my eyes look the same on everyday! Also, I am sure that I may do things a little backwards than those who are professional make-up artists, but this is what I have found that works best for me and maybe it will work for all of you as well!

1. Urban Decay: Primer  (sin)
You can buy this product from ULTA
This is used for a little extra color, helping your shadow last longer as well as preventing creasing

2. Mac Cosmetics: Eye Shadow (white frost)

3. Mac Cosmetics: Eye Shadow (espresso)

4. Mac Cosmetics: (213 Fluff Brush)

5. Mac Cosmetics: (222 tapered blending brush)

6. CoverGirl: Mascara

7. Maybelline: Mascara 

8. Mac Cosmetics: Eye Pencil (ebony)

I am a huge fan of MAC makeup! For years I struggled with acne (even after taking Acutane) and MAC makeup was recommended my dermatologist and I absolutely love it! Even though it is not sold everywhere keep in mind that you can order it online and there is no sales tax! 

(warning I am not a professional make up artist so for those of you that are I apologize but this is my way of doing things :)

1. Apply product # 1 from the lid to the brow bone basically cover your entire eye region
* the primer does have a wand that you use to apply this product, so I just use the wand to smooth it out
* use a sponge to clean up / blend the excess 

2. Using product # 5 to apply product # 2 from the lid to the brow bone
* I use as little as possible because MAC products = a little bit goes a long way
* you may choose to add more of the light color because it is used as a highlighter
* as I mentioned before I may do things a little backwards, but I like to use my blending brush to apply what I call the highlight color.
*you may always want to use that sponge to clean up the excess

3. Using product # 4 to apply product # 3 just in the contour section 
*this is where practice is key
*I like to use the fluff brush for contour because if I use a stiff brush I just make a mess
*you may chose to fill in the whole contour or just from the outside edge to the middle (which ever you prefer) I change it up sometimes
*I try to focus on not making a straight line and focus on letting the brush flow with the contour of my eye
*also near the outside contour of my eye I try to flare the dark espresso color
*use your sponge to clean up excess

4. Using product # 5 to apply product # 2 to touch up what you did in step 2. because a lot of times step 3 will make a mess :)

5. Using product # 8 
*apply a line from the outside edge of your waterline and your lower lash line to the inside edge
*apply a line from the outside edge of the top of your lid closest to your lash line only to the middle of your eye
*don't focus on keeping a perfect straight line because you need to take the smudging end of the pencil and blend and straighten the line 

6. Using product # 6 to apply the first coat of mascara
* I like to use this mascara first to separate my eye lashes 
* I hold to mascara wand still and blink my eyes to make sure that I coat my entire lashes and it helps separate your lashes and keep them from clumping 

7. Using product # 7 to apply the second coat of mascara 
*follow the same directions and tips from step 6
* I use this mascara second to thicken the coverage

That completes the process!

I thought that I would add some pictures for those of you who read the blog that have not seen how I wear my eye make up ( PS. these photos are from my wedding day: the only time that I have had photos taken of doing my make up) 

This is what your eyes should look like with your lids closed

And the look with your eyes open 

So I wish all of you luck that attempt Smokey Eyes. If you are currently not wearing a lot of eye make-up I encourage you to try it, because I use to not even wear eye make up because I didn't know how to do it and now after a lot of practice it's really easy and it makes a huge difference! 
Practice = the best look 
( the first of couple of times I tried this it looked awful, but it gets easier)

Let me know if you have any questions and if you try this!!! 

Have a great rest of the weekend and WAR EAGLE 


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