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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The HoNeYmOoN :) Part 2

So after our amazing tour of the resort . . . We were escorted to our room!!

The Room

We stayed in what they call the Italian Village. Our room had an amazing view of the mountains and the beautiful water.

I don't know about you . . . but I could look out my window and see this EVERYDAY :)

Word of advice! If you ever go to Jamaica DO NOT drink the Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite. 
I am not sure what they do to the drinks but they were awful!!! 

The Spa provided us with their awesome products :)

That beautiful "Kool-Aid" water I told you about!

The whole trip I kept asking J. Jay "can you believe how blue the water is" and he would just say "I know DUNN"  (oh yes, my husband still calls me DUNN )  I had never seen something more beautiful in my life and just could not believe that we were sitting on a beach in Jamaica celebrating our new life together with this AMAZING VIEW!! 

Do you see what I mean?? Who wouldn't just want to lay there all day and stare at that beautiful water in amazement. . . . I cannot wait for the opportunity to go back!!! 

Look what J. Jay found!!!
 We met this couple  TONY & SHARON (from Canada) they were in amazement of all the sea creatures that were just right there near the shore line that you could pick up. Because we got married in February (which is not the IDEAL WEDDING SEAON. . .  but we could not have asked for better weather. . .  SUNNY high of 72 :) there were a lot of snow birds on vacation. I seriously think that we were the only people there South of the Mason Dixon Line. . .  one lady said "where are you from?" and I said "Alabama" she quickly replied . . ."Oh I have seen that in movies, you know where they play country music"   hahaha all we could do was laugh! 


Check out this little guy! I remember us standing on the beach talking to Tony and Sharon and I kept telling J.Jay "I want to see a starfish" and about 10 min. later as I was walking through the water I found this little guy. . .  do not ask me how I saw it . . .  I always thought I had good eyes :) 


J. Jay and I laugh now when we think back to this. . . and your'e probably going to laugh as well. Very rare do you find a good place that serves pizza  (let me just say that no one will ever compare to my most favorite place to eat pizza DIFILIPPO'S in Ozark, AL) but, this place was a close running. J. Jay and I ate pizza for lunch the first day that we arrived. .  . and needless to say we had it every day for lunch for the rest of the vacation :) 

It was so relaxing to sit out in the shade and enjoy a nice glass of wine and some delicious pizza... There was always this WHITE BIRD and BLACK BIRD that was close by. You could tell their trip to the resort wasn't their first rodeo. . .  They would perch on the wall next to my chair everyday and wait for everyone sitting outside to leave a little something on their plate and when they would leave their table they would devour their leftovers. . . . really amusing to say the least :)



BLACK BIRD :)  His eyes are beautiful!!!

So these birds were not at the lunch table... but I just love this photo how they just blend in so well with the rocks :)

To be continued....

One last thing I wanted to share with you today! I posted this on my FaceBook wall yesterday, but I know that some of you may not be my FaceBook friend. . . . I recommend you listen to this song! 
I LOVE IT and I know that you will like it as well :) I hope that you have a blessed day!


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  1. Looks like a dream honeymoon! So glad you guys had a wonderful time! I definitely want to go to the Sandals resort some day, but for now I might have to settle with a cruise there.