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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The HoNeYmOoN :) Part 1

I thought that I would entertain you all today with photos from our HONEYMOON!!!

The HUBBY and I went to Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica for the most relaxing, beautiful, exciting and romantic trip of our lives. . .

So as I begin to tell you the story of our trip to Jamaica I thought what better way than for you to have some JAMAICAN music to listen to while looking at the photos :)

It's a must that you listen to these songs while reading the blog.... I am telling you with all this beautiful weather this weekend it will put you in the mood for the BEACH :)

Bob Marley - One Love

Bob Marley - Red Red Wine

*** Wow, just listening to this music makes me miss Jamaica so much***

The beginning of an AMAZING WEEK . . . 

We left our wedding reception in a LIMO heading to ATLANTA for 2 days.   <Word of advice to those who are planning a honeymoon. . . don't get in a rush to get there take an extra day to relax and not have to rush through the airport with only a few hours of sleep. >  When we arrived (@ 2 a.m.) we were so tired from all the excitement from our wedding day festivities . . .    We were speechless to say the least when we saw our room!! We had a front row seat on our top floor balcony to watch the airplanes land and take off!! (we were so excited. . .  just like 2 kids that had never seen an airport before. . .  and of course I had a MILLION questions for J. Jay like I always do for everything) We enjoyed a relaxing time reminiscing about all our family and friends at our wedding, sitting out on our balcony in amazement by the planes, enjoyed a romantic dinner and then early that next morning we were off to the WORLDS BUSIEST AIRPORT to board our plane to JaMaIcA !!! 
(all of this thanks to my cousin Charles, he spoils us:) 

The view from our room :) 

Must I say that we treated ourselves to a 1st class ride to Jamaica.... no better way to travel :) Esp. when your husband is 6'4.... coach just doesn't make a comfortable trip for those long legs!!  We just couldn't believe the view that we had ... I kept telling Jay that the water looked like KOOL-AID :) 
God's work is amazing!

We were given a warm welcome to the Montego Bay Airport by the Sandals staff. They were all so organized and already had all our bags loaded up and ready to go.  
(The resort that we went to was about 2 hours away from the airport)

So as we loaded up in the VAN ..... we were so excited to hurry up and get there. There was another newly wed couple in the van with us and they were from Venezuela. (so of course we had tons of questions for each other about our weddings and about each others traditions) 

Our Ride !

Close up!

Pit stop . . .  

"How about that ride in ?"
About that VAN that I mentioned....... :) haha is all that I can say. We were in for what I would call "the ride of our life".... Let me just saw that Jamaican's are not cautious drives. They travel on the opposite side of the rode than we do, DO NOT obey the speed limits outside of the city and they TEXT and drive... (Now, just imagine) As we are traveling through the city we see all these men standing in the middle of road trying to sell everything you can imagine ( I am just praying that our doors are locked) ...  as we begin to exit the city we begin to see the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine (just like a post card) .... because our resort was so far away from the city we had to travel through the mountains to get there... it was unbelievable how you could look out your left window and see the most beautiful home and right next to it a cardboard box (so much poverty and wealth side by side) then you could look out your right window and see the most amazing blue water!!  Needless to say in the middle of this excitement I look and J. Jay and let him know that all the sudden I don't feel so well.... (I never getcar sick) but this time . . . oh yes, I was car sick. From the winding roads,  near misses falling off the mountain, the driver approaching a sharp turn laying down on the horn to prepare those WALKING IN THE ROAD that we were coming, to passing the car ahead of us by barley missing the other car approaching us head on. . .  you name it we experienced it during "that ride in" .... I have never feared my life more!!! I remember looking at J. Jay the moment we arrived at the RESORT and I said "Thank you Lord! I didn't think we were going to make it to enjoy our honeymoon" and leave it to my comedian husband to look at me and say . . . " How 'bout that ride in" . . .  all I could do is laugh and think that we were experiencing our own movie of The Hangover :) hahaha........  It only gets better from here  

Welcome to SANDALS 'mon (only to be spoken in a Jamaican voice) 

We finally made it!

Greeted with Strawberry Champagne 

Time to RELAX!!! Waiting on our concierge to take us to our room

The 1st thing we see...

OH YES.... This beautiful bird!!! A PEACOCK :)

If you remember from the posts about the wedding. . .  our decor accent for the wedding was PEACOCK feathers. I was so excited when I saw this bird, because I just think they are the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL animals! During our week at the resort we would always see the peacock walking around, but he never had his feathers fanned.... :(  During the day while we were laying on the beach you could even hear him "talking" from a distance....  I will never forget the sound of the peacock.

(On another note. Someone that lives near us has a peacock!! There is a privacy fence blocking what I would call a small farm of peacocks and chickens... we are blessed to have animals surrounding us hahaha.:)  The day that we get back from the honeymoon we are unloading our stuff and all the sudden. . . I hear this AHHHRRAHHH (drawn out like a sweet southern lady) sound and J.Jay and I look at each other and just laugh.... we have a peacock neighbor:) So "my comedian" finds it funny now to just randomly make this sound and we just laugh!! He even wanted to wake Becky up this past weekend with his Peacock sound... I saved you Becky!!!! haha

The Sights!

These are the sights that we enjoyed on the way to our room :)

How beautiful!!!
(They took extra care of this beautiful tile... polishing it every morning)

Beautiful fountains all over!

Can you see what I would call a FAN PALM TREE :) they were all over the resort

Does anyone know what these are? They were growing in the trees all over the resort... unfortunately we never asked what they were and now I am curious!!

The concierges office

I will leave you with this last photo for the day and for what is to come... 
It just takes me away to a relaxing place!!! 

To be continued... check back tomorrow!

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