When pondering on what to name my blog.... I thought & thought.... and the color yellow came to me!! A dear friend that has gone to be with the Lord (the color yellow that reminds US of her beautiful and bright smile) gave me the inspiration for the theme . In memory of a wonderful friend.
Brittany Shepard Pugh

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decor Decisions.... I need your help!


Since I have made the transition to the working world I just can't seem to find the time to BLOG like I want to. Right now I am multitasking. . . . bloging while dinner is baking & my sweet husband is serenading me with the guitar :) Since I am enjoying the music I thought that you might like to enjoy as well. . . .  This is one of my favorite songs and I love to hear J.Jay play it on the guitar and sing!!!
(he is probably going to get upset that I shared his secret..... he claims that he can't sing but I disagree and not just because he is my hubby :)


As you know we have been very busy celebrating engagements and marriages with our friends, and with that said I haven't had much time to spend decorating!! This is something that I have always wanted to do. . . . somehow I just never have the time. *** I am going to make time****

I can always count on my Mom to find the best deals! Those of you who know my Mom, know that her favorite store is TJ MAXX and the antique stores in Dothan. ( she always finds the best stuff and suitable to my taste) My Mom found this PERFECT piece at Highlands Antique Mall in Dothan when I was moving off to Auburn. Like I mentioned before I have always wanted to add something to this and now is the perfect time to give it some more personality!!!

This shabby chic chest sits at the foot of our bed

I want to turn this into something more than just a chest. . . .  a bench and a chest :) I want to cover the lid of the chest with fabric to really lighten up our room with some color. Our colors are WHITE and KHAKI .... all white furniture, white lamp with khaki linen lamp shade lined with pearls & our comforter the ever so popular duvet cover from pottery barn with khaki polka-dots that form a square around our initials.  (Not posting pictures because I want you all to see it when it is complete)

So if you could just imagine this chest covered with fabric in our room. . . . . 
What fabric would you choose ??? 
Also if you know of any other fabric that you think would look better please send me a link. . . . I am open to your opinions!!! 







PLEASE help me make my decision, because otherwise I am going to sit here for weeks and ponder over the one I like most! 


  1. Six is my favorite...then one and five are a tie! Really I bet five would be a great choice, but I'm so afraid of patterns. I love them when I see them in pictures, but I'm always afraid to take the step myself. Final vote though goes to six!

  2. My vote is #3!!! I love toile to begin with and I think the blue color would be the perfect pop of color with the khaki and white. Can't wait to see what you choose!